I have finished raging around (for now) and have calmed down enough to write some more. First of all let me say, if you haven’t already done this like I told you to in my first post (bad reader! bad!) go to http://www.hcvsupport.org. Not only is there a TON of easy to read literature on HCV, there is an entire community of the most wonderful people you will ever find, waiting to welcome you with open arms. They host a forum for questions and answers and social interaction, and a chat room for the same purpose. There are organized live chats (also something I never thought I would participate in, along with blogging…) every Wednesday night from 8-10 p.m. CST. I attend religiously. These folks are hilarious and insightful and I wish I could give each and every one of them a great big hug. I feel like I’ve known them all forever, without having met them. I’m excited to get to meet some of them this weekend at the retreat they host annually in different locations. This year it is over by Kansas City, MO…but I digress.

My chatroom peeps got me through last night and I am feeling way better about this insurance BS. I am definitely not going down without a fight. I am hoping it won’t come to this, but if they absolutely refuse to pay for the telaprevir, I am going to file patient assistance paperwork with vertex. They have a very generous program that will give you the drug for free if you don’t have insurance and make less than $100,000 per year. They will also assist with copays if you do have insurance and meet certain criteria. So, I definitely haven’t given up hope, and I’m fully aware that my situation could be soooooo much worse. I am just tired of the crap that insurance companies get away with. The doctor and his nurses were absolutely amazing. They took my rejection by the insurance company personally, they were almost as disgusted as I was. They have already filed paperwork for the appeal and also with vertex for patient assistance. The insurance claims that the appeal will only take two days, but I’ll believe that when it happens. Vertex is also filing an appeal on my behalf. If the first appeal doesn’t result in approval, they will exhaust the appeals process. If at the end of all that, I still don’t have coverage, then they will evaluate me for eligibility for patient assistance (getting the drugs for free). If they can get me the telaprevir, I will be good to go because my insurance will cover the interferon and ribavirin. Telaprevir has to be taken in conjunction with the other two meds.

It just makes me so sad, and angry, that people in this country die from lack of affordable healthcare. And even more often, lose their homes and/or their jobs, because they are paying exorbitant amounts for treatment. In many cases, if they had been granted access  to (more affordable) preventative care, their insurance would not have to be paying for the more expensive treatment that is necessary once a condition has developed. An ounce of prevention is too hard to come by in this country. I don’t understand the rabid capitalists that are so opposed to universal health care. If they would stop and look at what it costs individuals, and thus companies, and thus the economy, to pay for privatized health care or the lack thereof (sick employees = less profit)   they would see that it makes economic sense to nationalize healthcare. They would save their precious money. To suggest that people who are for universal healthcare are looking for a handout is simply outrageous, and the attitude of “every man for himself” in a nation such as this is just appalling.

OK so maybe I haven’t calmed down as much as I thought 🙂 But at least I’ve still got the fight in me! I’ll let ya’ll know how things turn out.