It is the strangest feeling, meeting people for the first time and feeling like you’ve known them forever. That’s how I felt tonight at the “Hepper Retreat.” I came home armed with a signed foam sword, a pink lei, a shield pin, and a gorgeous handmade bracelet from all my new/old friends. I’ve only been on for about 6 weeks or so, but I feel like I have a family there.  Since I was the only person at the retreat who had never treated before (and the newest of the members present) they all signed the sword and presented it to me to take into battle 🙂 I almost freakin cried.

People came to the retreat from all over: Chicago, Buffalo, Iowa, California, Alaska, Kentucky, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Missouri. I know there were a lot more who wished they could have made it, and believe me you all were in our thoughts and conversations. What an amazing bunch. Our wonderful site administrator should be posting photos soon.

Oh yeah, my doc successfully bullied the insurance company into approving me for telaprevir! I got the call yesterday from my specialty pharmacy, saying they were making arrangements to ship it to me. I called the doctor immediately, and I start Friday, July 1st. I think the nurse was almost as happy as I was.  Now that I know for sure that no one is going to stop me from treating, it really is like a huge weight has been lifted. One more thing for me to look forward to, even though I know I technically shouldn’t be looking forward to it…..