I’ve been too tired to post the past couple of evenings so I am using my lunch break to write today.

Getting a little nervous about the shot Friday. I wish I knew when exactly the side effects will kick in (IF they kick in at all). Makes it hard to plan things. Independence Day is Monday, so I’ll have off work, which is good. Traditionally I drive to my grandparents’ house for the 4th and every year grandma and I make a flag cake. My grandparents don’t know about my status or treatment and I want to keep it that way for now. My mom managed to get them to agree to meet at my parents house instead, which is a 2.5 hour drive for me as opposed to a 4 hr drive. Mom wants to come up for the shot but I feel that is not necessary. I think it might make her feel better to meet the nurse though, so if she really wants to be there I won’t stop her. I just don’t want her to wear herself out, she has enough on her plate right now.

I got my Nioxin (shampoo to reduce hair damage and loss) and brazil nuts (high fat content and high selenium content, selenium has antiviral properties) in the mail yesterday. The nioxin has a nice minty smell to it, I was surprised. With a name like Nioxin I expected it to smell like chemicals. I love Amazon.com. Of course, the whole amazon ordering thing works best when your neighbors can refrain from stealing your packages…….

Tonight I go to Wal Mart to arm myself with more treatment goodies. Unfortunately Preparation H is going to be one of those “goodies.” Apparently telaprevir very commonly causes something my friends who are already on it like to call “firerrhea.” Really looking forward to that one. They assure me the PH takes care of it though. On the brighter side, I’m picking up goodies for smoothies, and some really soft headbands (Goody brand) to go easy on the hair. Annnd I ordered these fun water bottles from Walmart.com for site to store pickup (free!) http://www.walmart.com/ip/Water-Week-Naturals-5-Piece-Water-Bottle-Set/12442210 so I can drink my massive amounts of water in (BPA free) style.

I’ll post the recipe if my smoothies work out. If you plan on taking telaprevir, you have to take it with TWENTY GRAMS of fat EVERY TIME you take it, which amounts to sixty grams of fat per day. This is not optional. The fat is necessary for absorption of the medicine.  I have never been much of a label reader, so I was shocked when I realized how much you have to eat to get that amount of fat….so I’ve been stockpiling items with a high fat content. Treatment makes lots of people lose their appetites so I don’t want to have to force feed myself a lot of bulky food. It’ll be like the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Lily is too skinny to fit into her wedding dress, so her maid of honor force feeds her brownies and ice cream….funny episode, you should check it out. Trust me.

I feel like I’m rambling. Hopefully I’ll have something more insightful to post on Friday after the shot. I’ll check back in then.