Well folks this show is officially on the road!

Mom did come up and was very impressed with the doc and nurse.

I started taking the ribavirin (1,000 mg total) and telaprevir at 7 am on Friday morning. I went in for the interferon (I’m taking Pegasys) shot at noon.  I already give myself subcutaneous allergy shots, and this shot was actually less painful and had less of a site reaction than my allergy shots! That might change in the future but for now I’m happy about it. Set up lab work appointments for weeks one, two, and 4. They will monitor blood counts and liver enzymes as well as viral load throughout treatment.

By the time we were done it was 1 and we were starving, so we went to the local Indian buffet and I stuffed my face. I knew while I was doing it that it might be a bad choice if it were to come back up, but it didn’t. By 3:00 I had a slight fever, and was very tired. I slept for about 4 hours. Of course, this might have had something to do with the fact that I went into a cleaning frenzy the night before and stayed up til 3 a.m…..When I woke up my fever was just under 100 and I had some achy muscles and joints, but other than that I felt just fine.  Went to bed at 11 and slept like a baby.

Didn’t wake up til 11 the next day (except for a brief interval of consciousness to take pills and eat) and definitely not fresh as a daisy. Started getting hot flashes and chills around 1, and the puking started at 2. Managed to keep my 3:00 dose of meds down for 45 minutes before upchucking again. I took a lot of baths and that helped with the cold chills. At 4:00 I called my doctor’s office, they paged him and he phoned in a prescription for Zofran (anti nausea). You take it every four hours as needed. I waited til 9:00 to take it (I stopped vomiting around 5:00) and am getting ready to attempt to eat.

Oh and I told my grandparents. The plan was that my mom would drive me back to my parents’ for the fourth of July, and my grandparents would meet us there. However that looks like it may not happen, and you literally can’t slip anything past them. When I told them they told me that they had already suspected that something was going on. They took it really well and said that they think that I am doing the right thing. I might still try to make it for the fourth if the Zofran works.