Going to paste this thought from kimakay at http://www.hcvsupport.org.

Guys and gales we are all scared s—less. We are scared of the tx, we are scared it won’t work, we are scared it will come back, we are scared of the sides, we are scared people will judge us, we are just scared. I think most of us feel this way. You are not alone. The band of us together makes each and every one of us think we can get rid of it, cure it, take our life back, not scared to death. We are all scared. I think if everyone truly admits it, we are scared. 

I guess I haven’t admitted to myself that I am scared, cause when I read that I started crying, completely unexpectedly. I’ve been worried, frustrated, angry, even academically interested in the disease and treatment, but I’ve never said wow, I’m scared. I guess I’ve admitted that I’m scared this treatment will end my relationship with my boyfriend, but never any of the rest. Still processing that.

Still keeping food down, worked a full day no problem although I would much rather sleep than work. Coworker caught me taking a pic of the rash on my foot. If you’re super lucky I’ll figure out how to post it on here!

I keep having really strange, vivid dreams. This came up randomly in conversation, and I am told that the ribavirin often causes weird dreams. Isn’t that interesting?

Ok time for more sleeping.