Thursday (day 6) was pretty good! Didn’t have to take the ant-puke pill until the evening! I missed work on Friday due to hot flashes and cold chills that were making me miserable, but by Friday evening I was able to eat an entire salad! In the bathtub! It was glorious!

My good friend came over around 7 and distracted me with movies. It helped, when I took my shot around 9 I was too busy laughing at “Just go with It” to sit around worrying about when side effects would start. I finally broke down and took tylenol before I took the shot, which helped with the nasty flushed feeling. And I ate some spaghetti! Go me!!! Unfortunately the anti puking pills are giving me the worst constipation I have ever had in my life. If that is TMI, sorry, but writing this for people who want to know what treatment is really like. Also have some enlarged lymph nodes on the back of my head, but I had my 1 week blood work done and everything is in normal range so nothing to worry about.

Now it is Saturday afternoon and I’m feeling no worse than usual, just kind of tired and not wanting to eat. Much better than last Saturday, I hope this continues. I am going to my good friend’s bachelorette party tonight. Kind of intimidated. First big outing since I started. They are all meeting at the winery at 3, but I don’t think I’ll be able to sit in the heat for that long so am joining them for dinner and heading to the bride’s house afterward for the lingerie shower. The wedding is July 30th and I’m a bridesmaid. I will be totally mortified if I get sick in the middle of the ceremony.

I’ve been writing everything down in a little purse sized notebook (thanks for that suggestion, Sue!) and that has been EXTREMELY helpful. Too much on my mind right now so I have to write tasks down when I think of them and check them off when I’ve done them.  Oh and if anyone has questions about particular sides, please feel free to ask in the comment section…