….and I feel bad for my cats. I have two. Bella (NO I did not name her after “Twilight”)  just LOVES to cuddle and lately I can’t stand her being in my personal space. She just jumped on my laptop and I about went berserk. Poor kitty. Definitely not normal behavior for me. I usually adore animals, but lately my “bubble” has enlarged greatly.  Thank god I don’t have human children to warp.

Doc completed FMLA paperwork for me–I’ve had so many doctors appointments and physical therapy appointments that I am running short on leave time. Hoping I don’t have to use it though.

This is only day ten and already my appetite is improving. I am sooo excited about that.  Dry skin problems hit very suddenly this weekend. I feel like I did when I camped out in an arid part of Colorado last summer, that feeling like the water just evaporates right out of you as soon as you drink it. I usually have oily skin, now the skin around my nose and eyebrows is flaking and it makes me want to rip my face off. The good news is, NO ZITS! I’ve been using Aveeno body butter, which works great on my body, but I am going to have to find something even more heavy duty for my face.

Oh. I feel embarrassed. Didn’t make it to the bachelorette party. Got ready, dried my hair, picked out a cute outfit, and fell asleep. Stellar.

The rapidity with which these side effects emerge and change continues to astonish and fascinate me. Almost enough to make me take an interest in chemistry. Almost.

Let’s see what turns up tomorrow, shall we?