Today, I puked lava cake. Out my nose. That pretty much sums up the quality of my day, but I guess I can add more detail…first of all it was really chocolately and kind of crumble-ey, so…JUST KIDDING (about the detail, not the occurrence).

Physically, the past three days actually haven’t been that bad, except for the above mentioned incident which did not occur until thirty minutes ago. I’ve had relatively little nausea, and the flushed feeling is gone!!!!!!! I didn’t realize how miserable that was making me until it finally lifted. Happy day!

Mentally, well, I caught myself sitting at my desk actually seriously contemplating how much I would LOVE to be able to shoot laser beams out my eyes. When I noticed what I was thinking about I congratulated myself on the wise decision not to get a concealed carry permit.

I went in for my scheduled “Four Week Blood Draw,” which I am kinda confused about because technically today is the end of week three, and doesn’t an entire week kind of make a difference in the viral load test? I had it done regardless because my visit with the doctor is tomorrow, and they for sure would need the complete blood count and liver panel anyway. I’ll post about how that goes.

One good thing: this is going faster than I thought it would.