This week has had a lot of ups and downs. Felt pretty good at the beginning of the week but had a very high level of anxiety. Had my 5 week blood draw on Thursday and the nurse left me a message Thursday evening saying to “call her right away.” That sent me into an immediate panic attack. I thought for sure she was going to tell me my red blood cell count was tanking and that I would have to reduce riba dosage and or interferon. I’m noticing a pattern with the panic attacks…one thing will get me going and then I will start thinking about every possible thing that could go wrong. Doc prescribed clonazepam which is a longer acting anti-anxiety med than xanax. It is in the same class of drugs as ambien so you take it before bedtime. So far it has been helping wonderfully with both sleeping and the anxiety.

I had an appointment with the Dr. on Friday, and it turns out my hemoglobin is low. Hemoglobin is the pigment on your red blood cells that allow them to carry oxygen throughout the body, so the symptoms are similar to low RBC. Fatigue, shortness of breath, paleness. I have all of that. The shortness of breath in particular pisses me off, especially when it is from walking across the dang parking lot to get to my building. So, they are reducing my dose of ribavirin from 1000 mg daily to 800. Also, my potassium levels are severely low. They aren’t sure why since this is since it isn’t a documented side of any of these drugs. Joy. Now I have to take twice daily potassium supplements. The pills are so huge that I can’t swallow them even cut in half, so I’ve been dissolving them in a tablespoon of water and mixing it with yogurt. Then I have to stay upright for at least thirty minutes after taking it, which is more of a challenge than you might think.

Took my sixth interferon shot around ten pm on Friday and didn’t even notice any sides. However, I was extremely tired before administering the shot and wired awake afterwards, so I think I might move my shot time up a bit earlier in the evening.

Had to take the cats to the vet Saturday morning. They ride in the same carrier so between the two of them I was huffing and puffing by the time I got them down the stairs. I got them situated in the car, sat down in the driver’s seat, and promptly threw up all over myself, the steering wheel, and my seat. Hauled my butt back upstairs, rinsed off superfast since the cats were still in the car, threw a towel over the seat and drove on to the vet’s office. Turns out Bella has cataracts. $#&!. She is only two years old!!!! They will get worse unless she gets surgery and the earlier the better. Vet said I can wait a couple months so I’m hoping my tax return will cover most of the cost since I won’t have an income while in school. All in all not a happy morning and I feel like a bad mom for not being able to get it taken care of right away. My poor girl.

Went to Wal Mart and bought an extension cord to run over the side of my deck so I could lug my steam cleaner down to the parking lot and de-pukify my car. So far seems to have worked. Also left baking soda on the seat overnight. Ergh. I need a vacation.