since I’ve been on here! Argh! I’m slipping!

I FINALLY made the move to the new apartment. I really did not think it was going to get done. At one point I passed my dad in the hallway with my arms full of boxes and he just stopped and gave me a hug. Apparently my chin was wobbling like a baby who just had her pacifier stolen.

I am sooo glad that:

1.) I did not try to work longer to make more money but rather opted to give myself a longer transition period to unpack and adjust.

2.) I didn’t try to move all in one day, eg. load the truck in the morning, drive to the new place, unload in the evening. We loaded Saturday, drove up Sunday and unloaded.

3.) I had three people helping me and thank god for that. It would not have been done otherwise.

4.) I gave away all my extra heavy items on craigslist! May seem extreme but to me it was worth it.

I have noticed that whenever I “overdo it” I am wiped out for the entire next day. I am capable of pushing myself pretty hard for a day but I can’t escape the consequences. In this instance, I pushed myself hard for three days and slept all day yesterday and today…hoping I can actually get something done tomorrow.