WARNING: Major griping episode ahead.

Car dies night before first day of class in big city I am unfamiliar with.

Financial aid says I didn’t complete paperwork I KNOW I completed and doesn’t have my disbursement for me.

I spent 1100 dollars in one day on books, uniform, stethoscope, and parking (not unexpected, but OUCH, especially with no disbursement…)

Got a 200 dollar utility bill for an eight day time frame from my old apartment….?!?!?!?!!

Tried contacting both lab corps and student health for FIVE DAYS straight without being able to reach them by phone or email, except to get put on hold for 45 minutes and then disconnected, therefore wound up being seven days late on my regularly scheduled blood draw.

Yesterday (after first day of class), shop replaces my alternator (500 dollars) and I take the car home after class. Taxis=31 dollars. I fall asleep as soon as I get home and sleep from 6 pm til 8 am the next day. I meant to wake up at 7 am but did not hear alarm AT ALL so had to rush to second day of class. THUS:

I did not have time to find the parking garage I paid 220 dollars to park in, THEREFORE:

I parked on the street, where other normal looking cars (no hangtags) were parked, on a section of curb that was not a special color.


I have a 25 dollar parking ticket because THE STREET, THE STREET I SAY is a “special permit only” parking area–there is a tiny sign stating said info.

I start the car. “Check electric system” comes on. Oh $#!%. I drive straight to the shop that did the repair. Turns out the supplier gave them a bad alternator.

While I’m in the shop lobby (which is the size of a large closet) another woman is YELLING into her cellphone nonstop the entire time. First I tried not to get mad because I thought maybe she is hard of hearing, but no, she responds to the receptionist’s (normal voiced) questions without problem. Finally after an hour and being very quarrelsome about things like actually having to pay for her vehicle inspection, she leaves. Receptionist and I breathe a sigh of relief.

My car is done, they give me the keys, I leave. Light comes on again. I drive straight back to the shop. Supplier gave them ANOTHER BAD ALTERNATOR. They order an alternator from a different supplier and tell them to deliver it stat. In the meantime, my doctor’s nurse calls me. My lab results are in and my hemoglobin is at 7.7. Way. too. low. However, I know people on treatment with this same problem, and their doctors have allowed them to continue with a 600 mg dose of riba (the lowest possible effective dose with triple therapy) and add procrit or have blood transfusions. I ask about procrit. Nurse says she doesn’t think so. I ask about transfusions. Nurse says no, probably not. She says go get another blood draw tomorrow morning to make sure before we take you off the riba.

At this point, yelly woman comes BACK and rushes in with her hair on fire and starts SCREAMING (I was astonished that her voice could actually get louder than it already was) that the shop messed up her tire because the low tire light was on (turns out it was on before she came in and that she had a nail in her tire). At this point I snap and tell her she needs to lower her voice. She turns on me and says “WHO ARE YOU? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!”

I say “I’m the person who has been listening to you yell into your cell phone for the past hour, and I will not listen to you scream one more second. Lower your voice.”

Her: “You disgust me. I have personal problems to deal with.”

Me: “We all do, but we don’t have to yell about them.”

Her (blathering):” I have problems but I’m still here, praise the lord, and you are unbelievable.”

Me: Death glare.

Her: Averts gaze. Lowers voice. Narrowly avoids getting face ripped off.

I have class tomorrow morning. I had to leave class early on the FIRST DAY to get a blood draw, and now I will be late to class on the third day. So, now I am going to have to expedite telling the program coordinator that I have hep and am on chemo because I am already making a bad impression on the profs, but I don’t want to have to tell every single teacher that I have hep….so going to try to meet with program coordinator on my lunch break tomorrow, which she said would work. Nervous about this conversation.

Good news is that my potassium (did I tell you guys it was low for some unknown reason?) is (barely) back in the normal range. This is great otherwise I think with the ahole woman and the low hgb I would already have had a heart attack.