ER denied my blood transfusion, ER doc called my dr to see if he would order it. My doc did not back me up as expected but rather changed his mind about letting me dose reduce and went back to telling me to stop riba.

I left him a voicemail saying ya know, you said I could have procrit and dose reduce. I’m sticking to the dose reduce thing, please get me the procrit.

He called me at 9:30 tonight and said, look if you aren’t going to stop I need to you to go see a specialist in town immediately. I said I have a world renowned expert in hep c lined up for September 12. He said: That’s not good enough. Call them tomorrow and give them my cell phone, I will explain your situation and I am sure they will work you in faster.”

Well how do ya like that.

I’m going to do it, don’t know if it will work out like he thinks it will… pretty sure Doc is pissed at me but at least he is trying to get me in with someone. He’ll probably kick me out of his care once he gets the other Doc to sign on. Sigh.