Not really. My amazing mother took the train four hours to come stay with me til this crap gets figured out, since I live alone.

However I feel like I don’t have a doctor at this point. I know I should have another CBC on Monday and at this point probably another one after that on Wednesday, but Dr. Miller has not ordered one and I’m sure he’s taking Monday off. Don’t know if he even plans to continue ordering labs for me or manage my care at all. Dr. Bacon’s nurse did not get back with me and neither did the receptionist, so I don’t know if I will be getting to see him sooner than the 12th even though that is what both the campus doctor and Dr. Miller were pushing for last week.

A bat got into my house last night. Called animal control and they never showed up…mom chased it around for two hours before it got worn out and she was able to catch it. I know it pooped in the kitchen and who knows where else. Besides the obvious ick factor I am not sure how worried I should be about the bat poop since my WBCs and absolute neutrophil count is low = I’m officially immunocompromised.

Then we came in from releasing the bat and the pipe under my kitchen sink broke. I love my life.

I’m sorry peeps I hope my posts can become more positive in the near future, but at this point my nerves are shot.