I saw Dr. Bacon last Thursday. I was very impressed. It relieved me to no end to learn that

1.)  I’m not crazy (at least not for refusing to listen to my old doctor)

2.) I took the appropriate measures by dose reducing the ribavirin to 600 (lowest possible dose you can take and continue telaprevir)

My hgb was at 7.8 when I started the dose reduction, and approximately a week later it read at 8.8. Still not great, but since it is rising we are going to continue to keep my riba dose at 600 until I finish the telaprevir (in less than two weeks now!) and then take another CBC and viral load and raise the riba back to 800 if the hemoglobin has continued to rise. For now we are holding off on procrit. I would rather not have to take it if I can avoid it.

As I suspected the old doctor tried to make the new doc’s staff think I was crazy. He told them I had been refusing to dose reduce, which I don’t think was a result of confusion on his part since I had told him on three separate occasions that I was willing to dose reduce and had done so, but was NOT willing to cease altogether as he wanted me to. Didn’t take me long to set that straight since I have been keeping very specific records and my blood levels verified my documentation. Also mentioned that the old doctor had tried to get me to stop telaprevir due to vomiting and then re-start…implying just maybe he wasn’t as up on the protocol as he could be…and the nurse was horrified.

Mom is still here helping me but she is going home Thursday. So grateful for her.