Dr. Bacon’s nurse won’t order the transfusions because she called Dr. Miller, who still insists that I don’t need them. Because Dr. Bacon has not yet seen me in person, the nurse doesn’t feel like she can order the transfusions and is thus trying to get in touch with Dr. Bacon via email to see what he wants her to do. Seeing as he is in Chile right now I don’t think that is going to happen. At this point I think Dr. Miller is being obstructionist because he thinks that once someone sees me in person, that person will tell me to stop riba which is apparently Dr. Miller’s goal. I think he just wants to be right. So fed up.

Completely exasperated that Dr. Miller, who has treated exactly ONE patient with the triple therapy (me!) is not taking the recommendation of Dr. Bacon, who is the second best hepatologist in the world and has been involved with triple therapy since clinical trials first started on telaprevir. He has written articles and made presentations on it. And guess what? Even though Dr. Miller is supposedly familiar with the Hep C world, he has never even heard of Dr. Bacon. Anyone who has done a bit of research on Hep C treatment knows who this guy is.